The vaults of Gloria Wine Cellar (opened in 1995) were built before Columbus discovered America, and, defying the times, are currently situated under the protective wall of the Old Town. The building was named after the Danish Queen Margrethe, and was built at the request of the King of Denmark in the first half of the 13th century.
Gloria Wine Cellar – hidden in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town by the medieval city wall – offers its clients not only excellent gourmet experiences but also by far the widest selection of wines in the Nordic countries. It is the historical atmosphere, the dashing selection of wines, and the love for good food that make Gloria Wine Cellar a place where time stops for enjoyment.
The cosy and elegant interior of the restaurant undoubtedly make the wine cellar one of the true pearls of the Old Town. Gloria has eight rooms with original interior designs, where you can taste wines by the fireplace, seek shade from the sun, or enjoy a summery rendezvous on the romantic terrace. Gloria Wine Cellar also offers the opportunity to rent private rooms that fit 15 or 8 people – perfect both for business meetings and group dinners.
Gloria Wine Cellar is a family business owned by Marko Hark and Tairi Morozov.Under the quidance of Gloria Wine Cellar chefs, who are bringing together the best combinations of European and Estonian food, flavours and presentations in a class of their own are created. “We don’t limit ourselves only to local ingredients, but freshness and quality are definitely our first priorities. We also make sure to add a special and enjoyable touch even to classical dishes, so the client will always want to come back,” says the wine cellar’s hostess Tairi Morozov in describing the nature of Gloria’s food culture.
You can find everything made of grapes in the thousands of bottles aging gracefully on the shelves of the wine cellar. Considering our clients’ wishes and northern traditions, Gloria has also incorporated a selection of the best vodkas, rums, whiskeys and other drinks into its wine cellar. You are also welcome to use the sommelier’s assistance at our wine shop to buy your favourite wine to take home.
Gloria Wine Cellar’s Restaurant is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the combination of good wine and excellent food in a unique atmosphere.
The wine cellar’s wine collection has examples of wine masters’ creations from over 25 countries, and you can find a suitable one for each occasion and every taste.
In the first room of the wine cellar – at the wine shop – the sales adviser will help you find a suitable wine. Further on in the cellar, you can enjoy our wines. The combination of wine, expert service, candle light, fireplaces, a varied à la carte menu, and classical wine snacks is excellent for warming your soul on cold winter nights, whereas in summer the old vaults help you cool down from the heat of the sun.
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